The Marriage Makeover

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With the Marriage Mindset system, you'll learn the mental framework inspired by physics to cultivate the right marriage mindset and habits. You'll build the harmony, stability, passion, and consistency you want while preventing the stalemate, toxicity, or boredom that plague most couples.

Discover how to create a customized marriage that has all the things you want and become Spouse 2.0, where you and your partner can continuously craft better versions of yourselves. You'll meet each other's needs and wants, so your relationship is always growing in connection and fulfillment, never becoming boring.

You'll learn how to create your own Marriage Playbook, so you can be an amazing team together. You'll have the plans and strategies for designing and actualizing your dream custom-built marriage!

Say goodbye to conflict with the revolutionary methods for dealing with it once and for all, so it doesn't keep getting hashed and rehashed throughout the relationship to create perpetual pain, a lack of closeness, intimacy, or harmony.

Defining and accepting reality will allow you to reduce self-inflicted and unnecessary suffering. You'll become a better person, which will allow you to be an even better partner for your spouse!

Communicating with the desired outcome in mind will ensure you're not just running your mouth and hurting the people you love, but rather, you'll learn to express your feelings in a way that leads to mutual understanding and deepens your connection.

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What People Are Saying:

We sought out Emil in an effort to get our marriage out of a mediocre place since in the busyness of our lives, our marriage took a back seat... Unlike other self-help books I've read, Emil's guidance brought such quick changes because he pointed out the real problems, and most importantly, the real solutions!


We listened to all of it in the first few days because it was so good! After doing the exercises for a while, it becomes really natural and a way to get a healthy and strong marriage. The information on there is not only awesome, but it’s entertaining as well! It’s not just some boring lecture. It’s very FUN!

Geoff & Savannah

$247.00 USD