Emil Harker author of You Can Turn Conflict into Closeness. 7 Communication Skills of Successful Marriages
Emil Harker MS LMFT
20 years of experience working with couples, training therapists, speaking to all sorts of groups. 

       One of the biggest sources of pain in life comes from conflict with the ones we love. Every close relationship has conflict. It's the sign that two people care deeply and are still vulnerable.  The problem in society is that we don't actually train to deal with conflict. If you want a closer more fulfilling marriage, I want to help you. With just a few simple strategies and techniques I can show you how you can turn the inevitable conflict into closeness. 

Chapter 1: Assuming Good Intent
Prevent getting your feelings hurt, and maximize getting your feelings heard when you follow this deep, meaningful and freeing principle "Assuming Good Intent." 

Chapter 2: Defining & Accepting Reality
How many times have you said to yourself "THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME!" The problem with not accepting reality is that you get disappointed and frustrated really easy.  This chapter helps you step by step find your power through the process of accepting reality. 
Chapter 3: Communicating with the Desired Outcome In Mind 
Covey was right when he said "Start with the end in mind." In communication we often times start with "being honest with our feelings" which usually results in defensiveness and hurt feelings. Not quite the results we were looking for. This chapter walks you through how to bring up issues in a way that the other person actually feels more cared about instead of picked on. 

"No one should go through life without this book." 
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