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Marriage Makeover Group Coaching

Welcome to a Community of Marriage Transformers! You've taken the first step with the "2-Week Marriage Makeover" course.  Now, let's take your transformation to the next level. Our Bi-Monthly Group Coaching is not just an add-on; it's a crucial component to ensure you get the most out of your marriage makeover journey. Why Monthly Group Coaching is Essential: 1. A Community of Support and Growth: Join a dedicated group of individuals who, like you, are committed to improving their marriages. Share your journey, learn from others, and grow together in a supportive and understanding environment. 2. Continuous Learning and Application: Marriage improvement is an ongoing process. Our bi-monthly coaching sessions provide you with continuous learning and support, helping you to apply the principles from the course in real life, ensuring lasting change. 3. Elevate Your Status and Commitment: Show your commitment to your partner and yourself. Being part of this exclusive group signifies your dedication to being the best spouse you can be, elevating your status in your own eyes and those of your loved ones. 4. Strengthen Your Family and Impact Your Children: A strong marriage is the cornerstone of a happy family. By improving your relationship, you're creating a loving and stable environment for your children, impacting their development and future relationships. 5. Contribute to a Healthier Society: Healthy marriages lead to healthier societies. By working on your marriage, you're contributing to the social fabric, promoting values of love, understanding, and mutual respect. And all at a fraction of the cost of marriage counseling!

$50.00 USD every month